Our money: The Tank and the Taps

TapsMy version of living a life of freedom and autonomy revolves around having and applying two complementary sets of skills: entrepreneurship and personal finance.

I believe very strongly that being good at both of these things is the key to quickly achieving the type of life balance you would like. Mastering either of these disciplines in isolation definitely has the potential to improve your life vastly (and eventually give you the freedom you desire) but putting them together is like pouring lighter fuel on a fire.


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Why the financial independence community is wrong

ArmWrestleWow! I can’t believe you fell for that clickbait title. But now I have you here, perhaps you’ll hear me out.

I have to start with a massive disclaimer in huge flashing neon letters. I am part of the financial independence community.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept, we ‘FIers’ are interested in the concept of building up enough investment capital to allow us to live from the investment returns and make working for a living entirely optional from a surprisingly young age (e.g. 30). Most people achieve this by saving a massive proportion of their income from a professional job. (more…)

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How to work 33% of full-time

RelaxingWARNING: Basic arithmetic ahead.

Don’t worry though, there’s nothing too complicated about this concept. In fact, the first time I thought about this, it seemed far too simple. We all know that when something seems too good to be true, it usually is, right?

However, in this case, I think my logic’s pretty sound. Also, this is roughly how my family and I actually live and we’re…well.. still alive, so maybe it’s not so crazy.

I’ve previously written in detail about one of the specific ways I generate income: freelancing. I do that because it suits my particular skills and temperament. However, doing freelance work instead of being an employee in order to be able to work much less is simply one example of a general principle which I’ll explain here.

These are the 2 steps which you need to take to (reasonably) quickly allow you to work 33% of full-time hours. (more…)

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How I get freelance clients

NotepadPhoneLaptopSo far, I’ve focussed on trying to get my readers to see that, in order to build a life which doesn’t require a 9-5 job to fuel it, they need to be willing to put in the effort, and direct that effort towards appropriate actions.

Whilst these things are true, they are quite abstract concepts. Knowing that you need to put in some effort, for instance to sell your services to existing businesses, is not the same as knowing how exactly to go about doing that.

So, to give you some help in that area, my aim for this post is to take you through the exact process I use to find the freelance work I rely on to feed my kids.

Caveat Emptor

This is my process. I hope that taking you through what I do helps you to achieve what you want. However the things that have worked for me might not work for you. Your personality, family responsibilities, existing skills and professional network are likely to be completely different from mine.


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If you want to live free, your utopia is irrelevant

ParadiseHi there. Let’s have another chat about getting rid of that daily grind that you hate so much.

Right, I’ll begin with a bit of rudeness.

I don’t care about your ideology. I don’t want to discuss politics. I really don’t give a shit about what you think is ‘just’ or ‘right’. Of course, I have my own opinions about all of these things, and maybe you could even change my mind about them, given the opportunity. But I’m writing this post to help you with a very specific problem: you don’t want to have a 9-5 job any more. You want to be able to live life on your own terms.

Unfortunately, whichever version of the world not being ‘fair’ or ‘just’ you subscribe to, your opinion does not make a damn bit of difference as far as achieving that goal is concerned. (more…)

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Rolling a boulder over a hill

MountainHere’s my thesis: building a life of freedom and autonomy is like rolling a heavy boulder over an inverted parabolic hill while the villagers gather around laughing at you. That obviously sounds crazy but do bear with me as I meander towards the point!

I’ll start with a couple of observations.

Observation 1

First, life is usually hard in some way. You can have a large influence over exactly what specific challenges you’ll come up against, but there isn’t a magic way of making life easy. Learning to accept this fact was probably the single biggest personal development leap I ever made.

For example, if you had 10 million pounds, assuming you made reasonably sensible decisions, you’d be set for life (financially) but it wouldn’t ‘complete’ you. There would be no chorus of singing angels or sense of permanent fulfillment. Maybe you wouldn’t be able to think of what to do next. Perhaps you’d attract a load of shallow, money-grabbing friends who only wanted you for your wealth. Who knows? The grass would not be as green as you think it would. (more…)

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Welcome to liberate.life

BuntingHello! Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Andy and I’ve built this site as a resource to help you quit the rat race and live comfortably without a job.

I’m going to be posting on the blog quite frequently to share what I’ve learned over the past few years on my journey to being job-free.

My aim is to teach you a comprehensive set of skills and techniques which will make it possible for you to get out of the daily grind a long time before you thought you would be retiring. I think it’s truly tragic that so many people waste the most productive vibrant years of their lives feeling trapped in jobs that they hate. (more…)

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